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5 Fun Freaky Facts for Friday, Duct Tape

5 Fun freaky Facts for Friday, Duct Tape

Duct Tape

Hey, Welcome to this weeks edition of 5 Fun Freaky Facts for Friday, Duct Tape.  {A day late!}  Admit it, every house in America owns at least one roll of the stuff, if not more.  I think that my husband hoards the stuff.  {But don’t tell him that I told you, it will be our little secret.}

1.  Crafts, it seems like more and more companies are offering different colors of the rolls of Duct Tape other than the gray that has been considered the normal color for years.  I have seen people create some surprisingly awesome and unique crafts with a few rolls of Duct Tape.  Head over to Pinterest to see how creative people are with it.

2.  Growing up, my father always kept a roll of Duct Tape in the car.  Yours too?  You never know when your bumper might fall off in the middle of the street.  There are certain things that you don’t plan to happen, but occasionally do.  Go ahead and toss a roll of some Duct Tape into your trunk…ya never know when you might just need it.  It is best to be prepared.  🙂

3.  If you are ever stuck in Outer Space without a Smoldering Kit, use some duct tape to get back to Earth.  Just like Apollo 13 did in 1970.

4.  Warts and hair removal.  Apparently, if you have a wart, you can cover the infected area with Duct Tape for 7 days.  After the seventh day, the wart should ready to fall off.  {If you could verify this for me, please email me!}  Hair Removal, no time to get to the spa?  That’s cool, grab your roll of Duct Tape, tear out a few pieces and firmly attach them to the hairy section.  Then pull!  Viola!  Faster than shaving!  {I really wouldn’t recommend either of these!}

5.  Did you buy a cute dress or outfit, but can’t find your bra to match it?  Never fear, use some well placed strips of Duct Tape to hold your chi chi’s in place with the new outfit.  At the end of the night, remember to remove the duct tape slowly.

I hope that you enjoyed this weeks edition of 5 Fun Freaky Facts for Friday, Duct Tape.  Clearly, I had fun with this list.  If you have a use to share, I would love to hear it.  Leave me a comment and share it below.  

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And make sure to come back next Friday, where I will share 5 Fun Freaky Facts about Chalk.  This out to be another fun post.  

See you here next week!  

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