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Advice for the new mommy!


It is not even 4:00 p.m. here yet and I have used my vaccuum cleaner four times already.  No, I am not a clean freak!  I just don’t like stepping on messes made by my children.  Let’s be honest, kids are messy!  Very messy!  I think that my two toddlers conspire with one another to see how messy they can be in each day.  If they were competing for the messiest toddler award, together they totally could win first prize!

If you are expecting or have a friend expecting, do them a favor and get them something that they really can use.  I am sure that this will be the gift that keeps on giving (at least giving them a cleaner house).  I will recommend this to every pregnant person I meet from now on.  A hand held vaccuum cleaner.

It will tackle all of those cheerios spills, that will happen often, sigh!  All of those mysterious little brown balls and everything else that your children will find a way to make your carpet and floors messy!  And if you get really lucky, your kids will take an interest in the vaccuum and start cleaning up their own messes.  (Hey, a mommy can dream, right?)

If you are a mommy what was the best gift that you recieved at your shower?  What item do you really wish you would have gotten?  Let me hear what you think…


3 thoughts on “Advice for the new mommy!

  1. I wonder if soon-to-be moms can register for gifts, like brides-to-be? If I were to have another child (which will NEVER happen)…LOL…I think I would want coupons from family and friends for Girls Day things AND babysitting provided. Something like a spa day AND a trusted family member or friend to care for the new little bundle. It always seems that about a month after baby arrives, the novelty wears off and new momma can become overwhelmed and depressed. Thank you for making me think about something that I normally wouldn’t. 🙂

  2. I think my current favorite thing to get for brand new moms is a copy of the Harvey Karp book or DVD, Happiest Baby on the Block. I think it’s such a fantastic resource for helping overwhelmed new mamas understand the newborn phase and giving them tools for soothing their new babies.

    When I had my first, I think some of my favorite gifts were classic board books. It’s never too early to foster a love of reading and learning, plus the visual and auditory stimulation is wonderful for babies! 🙂

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