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Growing up, my grandmother taught me the value of a dollar. However, somewhere along the way I forgot about or choose to ignore it. I am a SAHM of two of the cutest brats and a wife to the most handsome guy in the world. I am remembering and learning how to stretch my dollars more than my grandmother taught me. I guess it is different when it is your money, lol. I love knowing that I am able to provide many wonderful items for my family, without exceeding our budget. Also, knowing how much money I am actually saving while still living a wonderful and adventurous life in beautiful Colorado. I look forward to helping you Stretch Your $'s Mile High! Best Regards & Warmest Wishes! Misty

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Bloggers Brags Weekly Pinterest Party ~ Week 72

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Welcome to this week’s Bloggers Brags Weekly Pinterest Party!  I hope that you had a great week.  On Saturday we celebrated my daughters fifth birthday.  It’s official, she’s a big girl now.  And on Sunday we made our first trip to the Emergency Room for stitches for my son.  He lost in a sword fight.  Two stitches later to mend his ear.  This weekend was anything but dull to say the least.  We took the good with the bad.  I hope that your weekend was amazing!  

Speaking of family, here is my pick for featured link up to our party from last week.  In honor of Colorado passing the law that makes it legal for people to collect the rain in barrels now.  Hey Colorado readers, read this post to learn how easy it is to make a rain barrel, a huge Thanks to OurSecondHandHouse.com for sharing this awesome tutorial.

DIY Rain Barrel   


evian® Facial Spray Product Review and Giveaway

evian® Facial Spray Product Review and Giveaway

Disclosure:  I was sent this product in exchange for sharing my opinion of it.  My opinions were not swayed by receiving free product and you can always believe that I will share my honest opinion of anything that I review.  

Everybody knows Evian water.  But did you know that they had a facial spray?  I was sent a bottle of evian® Facial Spray Brumisateur for a product review and giveaway.  Within the week that I have been using it;  I can tell the difference.  The bottle says that it is a moisturizer, refresher and toner.  I have been spraying it on my left arm all week solely not using any other lotion nor oil.  The skin on my left arm is notably softer than the skin on my right arm.  I suffer from dry skin.  So it was nice to find a product that I didn’t have to do a lot of fussing with that did the trick as simple as spraying a fine mist on my arm. (more…)

Bloggers Brags Weekly Pinterest Party ~ Week 70

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Welcome to the Bloggers Weekly Pinterest Party!  Glad you to see you here again!  This week I have been busy prepping for some exciting news that I can’t wait to share with you.  But today, is not the day.  I don’t want to jinx it.  Please send some positive vibes way my way, I could use them.  ~ Thanks in advance!  

Here are this week’s and my choice for the Featured Pick…My pick comes from Lori at Greco Design Company and her gold dipped step stool.  How posh does this DIY look?  I love it!  



St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Book {Free Printable}

St. Patrick's Day Coloring Book {Free Printable} ~ www.Denverista.com

Are you ready for St. Patrick’s Day?  It is literally right around the corner. Can you believe it is on a Tuesday this year?  If you are like me and don’t get all wild and crazy celebrating it; don’t worry.  I created something to help everybody get in the mood to celebrate the upcoming holiday.  Coloring books and a box of new crayons are the next best thing to finding a pot of gold.  I created a fun St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Book {Free Printable} for this fun and green day. (more…)

Bloggers Brags Weekly Pinterest Party ~ Week 69

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Welcome to the Bloggers Brags Weekly Pinterest Party.  I hope that everyone is doing awesome and I look forward to reading your amazing blog posts.  I have been on birthday planning duty for both my husband and toddler who is turning five this month.  Such an exciting time!  She is ready for a big girl bedroom and no more toddler bed and toddler room.  Did I mention that she is too grown for her own good?  In addition to the party planning, I have been trying to create a big girl room per her request as a surprise for her.  I can’t wait for the big reveal on her special day.  I hope that she likes it.  Especially since I am doing it on a budget and I came in under budget much to my husband’s happiness.  I told him that was his birthday present.  Lol.  Stay tuned as I will share the room and how I did it under budget.  Have a great week and Thanks for stopping by to share your blog brags here.  


Bloggers Brags Weekly Pinterest Party ~ Week 68

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Another week has come and gone.  Time really does fly when you are having fun!  I want to take a moment and say a huge Thank You to the hosts that help Tammy and I make this Bloggers Brags Weekly Pinterest Party so awesome!  Also, I would like to welcome a new set of awesome bloggers that have agreed to help host the party for the next few months.  Welcome aboard ladies to a great new exciting adventure!  Please keep them in mind and show them some support by stopping by their blogs and saying hi!   (more…)

Udi’s for Dinner



This post is sponsored by Sverve and Amp.  All of these thoughts are mine and sound like me only because they are my opinion and something that I feel like sharing with my readers.  I was not paid to deceive my readers but only to help them make informed decisions regarding any purchase.  Honesty equals respect.  

Living with a Gluten Free diet is not an easy one.  Every meal has to be either cooked at home or take a chance of eating out and getting sick from cross contamination in the restaurant. Udi’s Food is making it easier for us with precooked Gluten Free meals.  Udi’s for dinner.  Their gluten free frozen chicken and cheddar burritos are kinda my go to thing when I don’t really feel like cooking.   But since you can’t just serve the kids a burrito and call it a day, I make a  guacamole sauce to top it with that is really good and good for you. (more…)