Buyer beware!


Living in today’s age of ‘everything’ technology, we feel the need to stay connected.  When the time came to replace my husbands cell phone, he searched for the best deal on a new phone.  He read the reviews.  He shopped online and offline.  Once he finally decided on the phone that he liked best, he found the best price on it.  So he went for it.  It was ordered and shipped to our home in a very timely manner.

He then took his brand new shiny phone to his cellular provider to have all of his info transferred and get the phone connected.  He played with it and was happy with his purchase.  Jump forward four weeks, every time I tried to call my husband at work, his phone would go straight to voicemail.  I chalked it up to him playing video games in his down time.

Apparently, that wasn’t the case.  The phone just had a crap battery life!  Exactly like the reviews said online.  However, we didn’t think that the battery life would only be two hours, five weeks after purchasing the phone.  His warranty for his newly acquired phone was already expired.  My poor husband was left with two choices.

Buy another new phone or look online for a battery replacement for his phone.  My husband spent more time looking online for a good deal on a new battery to replace the one in his phone.  Truthfully, seeing how long the first battery lasted and since it is a known issue with the phone that he bought; if he did spend money on a new battery, would it last more than five weeks?

At this point, I didn’t believe that it would.  I will take a chance on a new product at the right price once and if it fails, I don’t see the need to repeat it. A good deal is only a good deal if you don’t have to spend more money to make it perform the way it should work.  I honestly think that he would have been better off buying a phone from his provider.  Anytime, you are shopping from a well known web page that prices are just too good to be true.  They just might be good, but keep in mind, that you may end up spending more in the end to get the product you truly wanted.

Always believe the reviews and trust what people are saying.  My husband is headed back to his cellular store to buy a new phone from them this time.  We will chalk his previous purchase to a lesson learned the hard way.  Remember just because it is a good price, it doesn’t make it a great deal.

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  1. That’s a bummer about his phone 🙁 I agree with you—always read the reviews. My husband tends to jump at “deals” while I tend to be much more skeptical. Great topic—buyer beware. If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

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