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Get Rewarded for Joining National Consumer Panel

NCP, let your shopping habits be heard today!


Have you heard of this company before?  I have and am slightly mad that they were not taking new panelist for my area.  The concept is great!  You buy products for your house, such as everyday things that you use and scan the UPC bar codes.  Yes, they give you your own scan gun to use….awesome right?  The data is collected and sent to their headquarters and collected.  National Consumer Panelists records all of the data for its clients.  Then the clients use the knowledge gained from the data for sales trends and pricing.   (more…)

Free Milk

Safeway logo for weekly ad

This week at Safeway if you buy 4 participating boxes of cereals for $10, you get a gallon of free milk.  That makes each box of cereal to be around $2.50.  But the savings doesn’t have to stop there. How you ask?  Coupons, lots of printable coupons to use to get that cost down even more.  It is even better if your Safeway store doubles coupons.

That means that you can get four boxes of cereal plus milk for as low as $6.00 out of your pocket (OOP) and save $7.00 which is 60% savings for you!  Now that is what I call Stretching Your $ Mile High!


$0.50 off ONE BOX Cocoa Puffs cereal
$1.00 off any THREE Kellogg's Cereals
$0.70 off ONE Kellogg's Scooby Doo!™ Cereal
$1.00 off TWO BOXES Cheerios cereals
$0.50 off ONE BOX Original Cheerios cereal
$1.00 off TWO BOXES any General Mills kid cereals
(The photos are direct links to the coupons.)
Now remember you can print off two coupons per computer or device.

Fab Friday Freebies

fab friday freebies


TGIF!  Here is an amazing list of Fab Friday Freebies rounded up for you.  I hope you find one or two things that you like.  Christmas is getting closer everyday, consider signing up for a things that you can use for gifts for the people on your Christmas or upcoming birthdays.  I see a few magazine subscriptions for a few of my friends future.  Lol.




 Free magazine


FREE Magazines: (THESE do really come! I request all of them and have received over 6 magazines this month for FREE!)




  • Visit for free baby coupons, free baby samples, free baby magazines and more!



This amazing and awesome list was provided by the very talented Gia over at

Free FaveCraft Back to School Craft Ebook

Favecrafts weekly email letter

Calling all crafty people!  Sign up for FaveCrafts free Ebook.  Each email showcases creative and fun crafts that you can make with your child.

Prepare for a new school year with practical and fun craft projects and creative ideas. Make homemade school supplies, decorative items and more using projects featured in the latest free eBook from FaveCrafts, 11 Teacher-Approved Crafts for School.

These diverse projects are appropriate for everyone from young children to older adults, making it an ideal crafting resource for both students and parents. Click Here to get on the list!  

Free Subscription: American Baby Talk




If you are a new parent or expecting a baby, American Baby Talk is a must read!  Right now you can get this gem of information for free.  Every month each magazine is packed with helpful tips and packed with sage advice and product reviews.  As a bonus, they sometimes have coupons in between the covers for items that babies need and require.

Click here to get your free subscription today!  

Join Similac StrongMoms

Similac StrongMoms


If you are a new mom to be, this is a great program to sign up for.  Join Similac StrongMoms for free gifts and coupons.  This is a really great way to save money for all of the other stuff that the little ones will need.

I signed up when I was pregnant with my first child and they sent me tons of samples and coupons to use.  All of the stuff they sent came in super helpful.  Babies need a ton of stuff, so it was good to save money where I could.

Click here to sign up today!  

Free Covergirl Eye shadow


If you got this past weekends Sunday paper that was loaded with coupons, you can get FREE Covergirl Eye shadow at King Soopers.  This week at King Soopers that are starting their two week Mega Sale of Buy 5, Save $5.00.  Covergirl eye shadow is normally $2.50, but if you buy 5 things on the mega sale list and use the coupon from this past Sunday, you will be able to get two for free!

Here is the breakdown for you as you buy 5, Save $5.00 (and get 2 Free Covergirl Eye shadows):

Buy two Covergirl eye shadows at 2.50 each

Purchase 5 items included in the sale

Use 1 of the coupons shown in the picture above.

Ta-da, 2 Free eye shadows!

Who doesn’t love free make-up?  If you don’t wear it yourself, think of purchasing for it upcoming birthday or Christmas gifts.