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DIY Easy Dog Bone Toy

DIY Easy Dog Bone Toy

We got a dog!  We adopted him from a local animal shelter.  His name is Everett and he is a Chinese Crested Mix of some sorts.  He is a happy hyper dog that loves to cuddle and play with the kids.  We bought all the stuff that a dog needs but I couldn’t find any toys that didn’t squeak or that weren’t hard as rocks (which with two toddlers in the house, neither of those are conducive for my sanity).  So I needed a DIY Easy Dog Bone Toy for Everett to play with. (more…)

Flower Pot Easter Craft

Flower Pot Easter Craft~

Flower Pot Easter Craft

Look at this darling Flower Pot Easter Craft filled with jelly beans.  Total cost of this adorable and tasty craft is less than $2.00 per flower pot.  I wanted to create a craft for that person that isn’t really crafty and that any level of crafter could create.  I think this is the perfect Flower Pot Easter Craft for everybody to make and share.  And what is cuter than a flower pot filled with colorful flowers and tasty jelly beans? (more…)

Disneyside Home Celebrations Party

Disneyside Home Celebrations Party ~


You ever make plans for a party and have everything set up and all planned…then have the weather throw a curve ball into your plans?  I made awesome plans for a Disneyside Home Celebration Party and it snowed every weekend.  I rescheduled the party not once but three different times.  Thanks wonky weather in Colorado.  Finally, I called “uncle” and changed my party plans.  I can always throw another party, I mean, I already have all the decorations and games planned out. (more…)

Ladybugs on a Log Recipe

Ladybugs on a Log Recipe.

Ladybugs on a Log Recipe

Next week is my daughters fourth birthday.  When we asked her what type of party she wanted she was very specific!  She told us that she wants a ‘Fairy & Foxes Fourth Festival’.  In keeping with her party theme, I had to think outside of the box for food ideas, hence Ladybugs on a Log Recipe was created.  I knocked it out of the park with this recipe.  It  is so tasty!

I took the picture before I wrote this post.  Well, you know that I couldn’t write this post before they were all gone.  And truth be told, I don’t even like Crainsins.  Lol.  The trio of flavors makes this recipe a hit!  I am happy I was able to come up with a recipe for her Fairy & Foxes Fourth Festival.

To make these yourself, it is easy.  Just grab some celery, craisins and your favorite type of peanut butter.  We only use Justin’s peanut butter around here (it is all the husband will eat).


Step One:  Clean the celery and cut down to size

Step Two:  Take a butter knife and use it to spread the peanut butter onto the celery.

Step Three:  Add the Craisins on top of the peanut butter.

Step Four:  Serve and Enjoy!

I also love the fact that with this dish, there isn’t a ton of prep to do to make it.  Therefore, there is hardly any clean up involved.

I hope you enjoy my Ladybugs on a Log Recipe.  Come back and tell me what you thought of them.



Easy & Delicious Cherry Pie Recipe

Easy & Delicious Cherry Pie Recipe ~

Easy & Delicious Cherry Pie Recipe

Did you know that February 20 is National Cherry Pie Day?  In honor of it, I am sharing with you my Grandmothers Easy & Delicious Cherry Pie Recipe.  This is a very easy and tasty recipe to make a “from scratch” Cherry Pie.  If you have never made a Pie Crust from scratch before, try this recipe.  It won’t disappoint! (more…)

DIY Chocolate Covered Strawberries

DIY Chocolate Covered Strawberries ~

Are you looking for a cute idea for Valentine’s Day gifts?  Look no further, this gift is perfect for the DIYer in your life.  Who doesn’t love chocolate covered strawberries?  They will love DIY Chocolate Covered Strawberries….but first they have to grow them.  😉

I have the cutest idea of a gift that keeps on giving.  I found a cute little Strawberry Grow Kit in the Dollar Spot at Target the other night and it started the wheels in my head spinning.  So I started doing some research…Did you know that you can buy a Cocoa Plant online for less than $30.00?  It is true!  I found them online at  You can purchase your own Cocoa Plant here.

Apparently the cocoa plants are really hardy even if you don’t have the best of green thumbs.  And they make excellent indoor houseplants for the winter months as long as you keep them in a big planter container.  There are many knowledgeable websites to find more information of how to take good care of your cocoa plant.

With this creative gift idea, you can give the gift that keeps on giving….chocolate covered strawberry yumminess.

 Happy Valentine’s Day!