Robotics Summer Camp Enrollment Deal

Robotics Summer Camp Enrollment Deal

It is getting to be that time of year again, to make summer camp plans for your kids.  Sadly, you kinda have to do it now before all the cool camps are booked solid.  Not to fret!  I have the best deal for the seriously, the possiblest coolest summer camp EVAH!  ROBOTS!!!  Keep reading for a Robotics Summer Camp Enrollment Deal coupon code posted below.    (more…)

Spread the word about National Diabetes Alert Day

Spread the word about National Diabetes Alert Day

This post is an important one that you may see on one or two different blogs.  This is a collaborated effort that a group of talented and amazing bloggers choose to post this on their blog for free to raise awareness for Diabetes.  Please take the time to read the post and share with any friends and family that you think may benefit from the message of this post.  Bringing awareness to Diabetes means a lot to me for personal reasons.  Be the reason that helps someone in your life.   Spread the word about National Diabetes Alert Day! (more…)

Over 50 Awesome Easter Basket Gifts!

Easter is ‘hop’pening soon this year!   For 2016, Easter is March 27th.  Not to worry though, I created a list of 50 awesome Easter basket  gifts and themes that don’t include candy.  Not that I have an issue with candy, however, I just don’t need the temptation of those cute little delicious yummies calling to me in the middle of the night after the kids have gone to bed.  Or eating them all up even before they have made it to the basket and have to run out and buy more (not that I have EVAH done that, ahem!). Yeah, right!

Plus, I am one of those parents that use Easter as an excuse to get ready for Spring and Summer.  I like to call it planning ahead.  Plus, it is warm-ish in Texas so the kids need an excuse to get outside and play.

Here are Over 50 Awesome Easter Basket Gifts for the kids in your life.  Some of these items you can buy from Dollar Tree (DT) or from  Happy Easter basket shopping!  And Easter!

Over 50 Awesome Easter Basket Gifts!

A Pool Basket


An Outdoor Basket


A Bathtime Basket


A Fashionista Basket


  • Team Jersey
  • Trading Cards
  • Sports Magazine Subscription
  • Tickets to a game
  • Team Baseball Hat

A Book Lovers Basket

  • Bookmarks
  • A Book Light
  • A gift card to a used Book Store or Barnes and Noble
  • A Journal to record thoughts and ideas from books


A Stationary Lovers Basket

*This post does contain my Affiliate links. Which means if you buy something from one of the stores listed in the post, I receive a small commission from them.  By you purchasing with my links, you also, receive my sincerest appreciation and undying love forevah!

Gift Idea: Monthly Pepper Box

Gift Idea:  Monthly Pepper Box

Got a hot head in your family?  My husband is so hard to buy for the holidays.   So, I was happy to come across this subscription box for him.  It’s the gift that keeps his taste buds happy and hot.  Monthly Pepper Box is like having a miniature hot sauce festival delivered to your door every month.

Each month discover savory gems of artisan hot sauces for only $22. Every box, you’ll get 3 bottles of succulent heat ranging from a “Low Burn” to “Call the Fire Department” from hot sauce companies you’ve never heard of. Get 10% off your membership (Gift & Ongoing) at Monthly Pepper Box.

It’s the perfect box for the Pepper Head in your life, especially if that Pepper Head is you!  Perfect for all of those pepper heads in your life, who just think that there can never be too much heat.

My readers get to save! 10% off Gift Membership or Ongoing Subscription signup – Use code: 10HOLIDAY .@usfg

Gift Idea:  Monthly Pepper Box

Who will you gift the Monthly Pepper Box to?

#SayMore with Hershey’s Kisses Deluxe Chocolates

Sponsored by The Hershey Company

#SayMore with Hershey's Kisses Deluxe Chocolates

Hold the phone!  Everybody stop what you are doing!!!  Is it possible to improve on the most perfect chocolate kiss?  The answer is YES!  Hershey’s has shown time and time again that they can create the most delicious chocolate morsel ever!  Their latest creation is possibly my new favorite.  Say more with Hershey’s Kisses Deluxe Chocolates.  The Deluxe has a creamy chocolate ganache center that surrounds a whole roasted hazelnut, all encased in a shell of milk chocolate that’s scattered with lightly crunchy crisps.

Think about all of those White Elephant gift parties that this would make the gift that everyone wants to fight about.  You’re in luck right now at Walgreens you can earn up to 2000 points when you spend $10 or more on participating HERSHEY’S KISSES products with your Walgreens Balance Rewards card. Offer valid through 11/29/15. See store for details.

#SayMore with Hershey's Kisses Deluxe Chocolates

They have four different sizes of bags to choose from, so you can really load up without breaking the bank.  The 20-count Kisses Deluxe package is exclusive only to Walgreens.

I bought the $5.00 bag that is a 15 count of Hershey’s Kisses Deluxe Chocolates and at the register I got back a $1.00 off coupon for my next purchase of Hershey’s Kisses Deluxe Chocolates.  That catalina won’t be going to waste.  Neither will the chocolates.  They are yummyilious!



Green Bean Casserole Eggrolls

Green Bean Casserole Eggrolls~

This is a sponsored post of a recipe that I created using the ingredients below.  

This recipe contains two of my favorite food groups all rolled into one, eggrolls and Green Bean Casserole. Yay, who doesn’t love eating with their hands? I find it makes the food tastes better for some strange reason. As if I am connecting with my food. I know that sounds crazy and my husband laughs at me, every time I say it. But I am serious.


Cheesey Green Bean Casserole

CheeseyGreenBeanCasserole~www.denverista.comThis is a sponsored post but all ideas and opinions are my own.  

It’s getting to be the time of year again.  Where baking is fun again and the smells of tantalizing dishes fill the home with home cooked love.  I don’t the first time I had Green Bean Casserole, but I do know that it was love at first bite. (more…)

Bloggers Brags Weekly Pinterest Party ~ Week 84

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Welcome to week 84 of our Pinterest Party!  Wow!  I survived a week vacation with my husband and my two kids.  Do I get a medal for that?  Surely, I am not the only mother out there that feels like this?  Lol.  We had booked plans for the beach but Tropical Storm Bill kinda squashed those so we took a walk  down memory lane in Waco, Texas.  Which is where my husband went to college, Go Baylor!  How was your week?  I can’t wait to read what you were busy writing.  And always, Thanks for linking up to our party!  Without you and your awesome posts, we wouldn’t be successful!  Stay positive and keep creative!  


Bloggers Brags Weekly Pinterest Party ~ Week 83

Bloggers Brags logo

Welcome to this weeks, Bloggers Brags Weekly Pinterest Party.   I hope that your weeks were awesome and full of wonderful things!  My family and I were planning a beach camping vacation for this week, but we checked the weather report for it and found out that the weather was less than ideal for that idea.  So were are taking suggestions for other plans.  Anybody have any great ideas that they would like to share with us?  I already bought a tent and did meal prepping and everything.  Help!