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DIY Craft Minnie Mouse Wreath

DIY Craft Minnie Mouse Wreath ~

Here is a cute and fun DIY Craft that shows you how to make a Mickey or Minnie Mouse Wreath for less than $5.00 and less than 5 minutes of your time.

I was issued a challenge of creating a unique craft with materials found solely available for a dollar or less.  I hopped on over to our local Dollar Tree store and within two minutes found the vision and material I would need for my challenge.  Y’all know I love a good challenge, lol.

Honestly, this was such a simple craft to make.  I think I spent longer checking out at the store than I did making the wreath.

My store had two different sizes of these vine wreaths.  Score!  Also, I have to apologize for the dark lighting in the photos below, normally Colorado is a really sunny state.  But these last two weeks has brought nothing but rain and gray skies.

DIY Craft Minnie Mouse Wreath ~

I already had some zip ties, that coincidentally also were purchased from the Dollar Tree.  I used the zippies to hold the ears in place on the face.

DIY Craft Minnie Mouse Wreath ~

Just pull them really tight so you don’t have floppy ears.

DIY Craft Minnie Mouse Wreath ~

Once the ears are affixed to the head, just trim off the excess zip ties.  Now comes the difficult part….To make a Minnie or a Mickie Wreath.   We went with a Minnie Mouse wreath of course.  Because Minnie is too cool!

DIY Craft Minnie Mouse Wreath ~

The store had the cutest butterfly clips in fall colors so I chose the prettiest one that they had.  To add the butterfly, just clip it to the biggest wreath/ head.  Once the clip is on, hang your uber cute wreath on your door and call it a day.  You deserve it!  Nobody will know that it only took you five minutes to create the cutest wreath on the block.

I hope that you enjoyed my DIY Craft Minnie Mouse Wreath!  Have a great day and Thanks for stopping by!

Couponing: How to Get Started

Couponing How to Get Started ~

Many of you will remember when I first started blogging, I was a frugal blog.  Since then I have shifted niches and started a fun lifestyle blog.  But several of my readers and friends are still looking for tips on how to save money for their families budgets.  Couponing is an excellent way to help save a few dollars off of your grocery bill every month.  Yes, it does take some work to learn to coupon.  Watching the savings grow in your bank account will help spur your passion of couponing.  Here are a few tips on Couponing: How to Get Started.

When your thinking about starting on your coupon adventure think of theses changes that will be made in your life.

You will no longer be making those early even stops to the grocery store to pick up dinner.  No more huge shopping trips at the wholesale stores/clubs.  Instead you will have your meal plans organized based on what is on sale.  You may have you visit a few different stores to maximize your savings and with your coupons in hand you will be able to get sale products to stock up on for cheap or even free. (more…)

Wish List {Free Printable}

Wish List {Free Printable} ~

Ya know Christmas isn’t that far away.  If your family is anything like mine, they drop hints of wanted gifts all year long.  In fact, my daughter is telling me something new that she wants daily.  {Gotta love how commercials make toddlers crazy!}  I created a Wish List {Free Printable} so that you can keep track of of the wants and requests and make you the best gift giver ever. It is for a perfect and cute list to keep inside your planner or home binder. (more…)

Cricut Sale & Weekly Deals

**This sponsored post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

cricut sale and weekly deals

Good News!  No this is Great News!  If you are a crafter and love Cricut Machines.  I have a huge announcement for you!  I have teamed up with Cricut Sale & Weekly Deals to share with you.

I have had my Cricut for almost two years now and am love it!  I have the Expression 2 and I am saving up to buy the new Explore.  I have used it so many times to make one of a kind gifts/ decorations for family and events.  I can’t say enough amazing things about it.

I can’t wait to share with you my latest project that I made with my Cricut.  It is awesome!  And I won a bet.  But I will explain that later in the future post.

But right now you can get 33% Off All Supplies and Accessories AND Free Shipping (on $35+ Orders) at!

With a summer full of fun activities to plan, the sale at Cricut couldn’t be more timely! Now you can get 1/3 off of all supplies and accessories at Cricut (that’s 33%) ending 6/3! Also, you can get free shipping on all orders totaling $35 or more! This is the best time to stock up on your project supplies—images, project plans, even treat yourself to a Cricut Explore™, the design-and-cut system for making amazing, affordable DIY craft projects. Cricut even features projects from their online community that you can make, and free images of the week to help inspire your next work of art. Invitations, tee shirts, tableware, wall murals… this summer Jumpstart Your Cutout Art at Cricut.  

See the Free Image of the Week at Cricut



DIY Chocolate Covered Strawberries

DIY Chocolate Covered Strawberries ~

Are you looking for a cute idea for Valentine’s Day gifts?  Look no further, this gift is perfect for the DIYer in your life.  Who doesn’t love chocolate covered strawberries?  They will love DIY Chocolate Covered Strawberries….but first they have to grow them.  😉

I have the cutest idea of a gift that keeps on giving.  I found a cute little Strawberry Grow Kit in the Dollar Spot at Target the other night and it started the wheels in my head spinning.  So I started doing some research…Did you know that you can buy a Cocoa Plant online for less than $30.00?  It is true!  I found them online at  You can purchase your own Cocoa Plant here.

Apparently the cocoa plants are really hardy even if you don’t have the best of green thumbs.  And they make excellent indoor houseplants for the winter months as long as you keep them in a big planter container.  There are many knowledgeable websites to find more information of how to take good care of your cocoa plant.

With this creative gift idea, you can give the gift that keeps on giving….chocolate covered strawberry yumminess.

 Happy Valentine’s Day!


Top 10 Valentine’s Day Crafts & Recipes

Top 10 Valentine's Day Crafts & Recipes

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Crafts & Recipes


Can you believe it is almost Valentine’s Day?  I feel like it was just Christmas, lol.  Don’t worry if you feel like I do, I got you covered for Valentine’s Day!     Here are my Top 10 Valentine’s Day Crafts and Recipes.  Be sure to check out the amazing and wonderful posts shared by some very talented bloggers that linked up to our Bloggers Brags Weekly Pinterest Party.  These amazing bloggers share some really great ideas on how to create an amazing Valentines Day for the people that you love.

And if you are on a budget, you can read what I shared last year about a Thrifty Valentine’s Day celebration.

1.  Red Velvet Cheesecake FudgeTop 10 Valentine's Day Crafts & Recipes

2.  Valentine’s Day Gift Tags

Top 10 Valentine's Day Crafts & Recipes

3.  Candy Heart Wreath

Top 10 Valentine's Day Crafts & Recipes

4.   Champagne Cupcakes

Top 10 Valentine's Day Crafts & Recipes

5.  Minion Valentine Box

Top 10 Valentine's Day Crafts & Recipes

6.  DIY Valentine’s Day Ring Gift

Top 10 Valentine's Day Crafts & Recipes

7.  Valentine Granola Bars

Top 10 Valentine's Day Crafts & Recipes

8.  BumbleBee Valentine Craft for Kids and Free Printable

Top 10 Valentine's Day Crafts & Recipes

9.  Valentines Day Sugar Scrub Gift

Top 10 Valentine's Day Crafts & Recipes

10.  10 Tasty Valentine’s Day Treats for the Whole Family

Top 10 Valentine's Day Crafts & Recipes

I hope that you enjoyed the list of my favorite top ten Valentine’s Day ideas for crafts and recipes.  Let me know which ones you are excited to try and create for your own friends and family.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Valentines Day Sugar Scrub Recipe

Valentines Day Sugar Scrub Recipe

Valentines Day Sugar Scrub Recipe

Valentines Day is quickly approaching!  Here is a quick and easy Valentine project for you to create for the ladies in your life.  Every lady deserves to receive a Valentines Day Sugar Scrub gift.  The smell is amazing and it works really well to pamper and refresh dry skin.  Plus, it all natural and chemical free.  Sugar scrubs are great for your skin because of the moisturizing ability of them and they are great for exfoliating your skin.  Nothing says Love like a gift that tells you to pamper yourself.  😉  Like I said, it super easy to make and only requires four ingredients plus a cute little jar to gift it in. (more…)

Fruit and Veggie Tracker {Free Printable}

Fruit and Veggie Tracker Free Printable

Fruit and Veggie Tracker {Free Printable}

This Fruit and Veggie Tracker printable was created for my girls who actually make New Years Resolutions to eat healthier in the new year.  I thought if they had a visual to help them stay accountable they will have better luck and success.  I know that many people are like me and are visual and need to see their progress laid out before them.  This printable will help you stay focused with your eating habits and learn how to correct them.  So that you can move forward and succeed.

I know that some of my friends have created a Food/ Diet Planner or Journals so I will be adding printables to use for your planner or journals.  Stay tuned as I create a series of printables to help them succeed.

Click here to download and print the Free Fruit and Veggie Tracker

5 Fun Freaky Facts for Friday, Chalk

5 Fun Freaky Facts for Friday, Chalk

Wow, this past week flew by~  I can’t believe that is Friday again already.  And that means that it is time for another edition of 5 Fun Freaky Facts for Friday, Chalk edition.  Who is excited besides me?  Woo hoo, let’s jump in and maybe you can learn a new thing about the fascinating many uses of chalk.

1.   Let’s talk laundry.  Did you know that if you get a grease stain on a garment, if you rub the stain with a stick of chalk before washing it, it will remove the stain?  Thank goodness for side walk chalk, I will be storing it in the laundry room for now on.  And possibly a stick in my purse for any stains that could occur on our mini adventures with the toddlers.

2.  Got ants?  An Old Wives tale says that if you draw a chalk line across your threshold that the ants won’t cross over it and invade your house.  Bonus, the chalk is non toxic and safe for households with babies and fur babies.

3.  If you happen to have Pewter items in your house that need cleaning, I have a trick for you.  An easy one to boot.  If you make a paste with ground chalk and vodka, it will clean the tarnish off of your Pewter items and make them look as good as new.

4.  Move in to a new place?  Congrats!  Use chalk to determine furniture and picture placement.  Just this once it will be okay to draw on the floor and the walls.  I give you permission.  After all, the chalk will easily wipe right off.

5.  Are you living in an area that is subjected to humidity?  Instead of using charcoal brickies, try using chalk to absorb the extra moisture in the air.  The Chalk is less expensive and does the same trick as the Charcoal.  That is a win win in my eyes.

Alright, there you have it!  I hope that you enjoyed this weeks edition of 5 Fun Freaky Facts for Friday on Chalk.  If you have any other ideas or suggestions of use for Chalk, please leave me a comment and share with me.

Thanks for stopping by and see you next week!


If you missed last weeks edition of 5 Fun Freaky Facts for Friday, Duct Tape you can read it here.