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Conversations with Toddlers

Conversations with toddlers comment lovathon!

Let’s be honest, nothing you read or hear can really prepare you for motherhood.  Every parent has their own unique way of parenting their child/ren.  Just like every child is unique in their own way especially with their conversations and discussions.  This is a list of things that I would have never thought that I would have to ever say.  Today, I am sharing a few of the conversations that I have had with my clever toddlers and their clever comebacks.

{Z is a girl child, 3 & D is a boy child, 2: Although D doesn’t talk much, yet.}

Me to her:  “Why did you paint your brother with blue nail polish?’  Her to me:  “He’s not my brother, he a Smurf.”

Me to him:  “No, you can not put peanut butter on your {pickle}!”

One day the husband and my daughter went to Starbucks and he bought her a cake pop.  When she came home with it, I asked her if she could share it with her little brother.  She took the cake from the stick and handed the stick to her brother.  {Not exactly what I had in mind.}

Me to her:  “Do you need some help?  Cuz, ya know that is what mommies are for?”  Z to me:  “No mommy you not four, you three like me”

Me to her:  “Hi cutie pie”, her to me:  “I not cutie, I gorgeous!”

Me to him:  “Get your foot out of the yogurt!”

Me to her:  “Honey, I need you to move before mommy trips over you.”  Her to me:  “It’s okay mommy, I got you!”

and my personal favorite….

Z has been in a ranch faze, everything must be served with a side of Ranch dressing or else she will not eat it.  Her to me:  “Mommy, I have boogies, I going to eat them.”  My only thought….Great, the only thing she doesn’t want a side of Ranch with.

What funny conversations have you had with your child/ren?

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55 thoughts on “Conversations with Toddlers

  1. OMG your kids are so funny! I love the one about him being a Smurf!!
    Over the weekend my 7 year old called me his “awesome super-hero” because I found something that he had misplaced. Hey, I’ll take it! He won’t always think that.

  2. Sometimes they get funnier as they get older. A couple years ago, I wrote about my then 7-year-old and his hilarious conversations. Here’s one of the gems…

    DK (talking about Mario from the Super Mario games): Mario’s a plumber. And he beat a huge hairy guy named Donkey Kong. Who could be awesomer than that? No one, that’s who.

  3. I think your daughter and my daughter would get along so well!…My daughter covered her brother in my lipstick…the kind that is everlasting! It wouldn’t even come off in the bath! Oh the stories we could share!

  4. I just love posts like this. My kids are funny too but I rarely remember enough funny things to make a post about them! the blue nail polish / smurf thing reminded me of in high school when some girls painted their faces blue and I guess couldn’t get the paint off. one of our teachers said “never paint your face blue unless you want to be a smurf forever.” Must have been good advice because I never forgot it!

    I’m commenting via the blogelina commentathon – you’re my first stop! thanks for the post!

    ~ Dara

  5. Your conversations are so cute. You never know what kids will say. It’s part of what makes them so much fun. They keep you laughing and on your toes.

  6. Oh, man, these are awesome! My daughter is 2.5 and her language is just exploding. I need to start writing down many more of the things she says to me! Her crazy logic is astounding!

    1. Just wait….I am amazed at the zany logic that she comes up with. There are things that come out of her mouth that floor me sometimes. Lol!

  7. These are hilarious, our little guy just turned two and we look forward to hearing all the crazy stuff he comes up with. We can already see him coming up with stuff, scrunching in face and all, but he has yet to figure out how to explain the crazy ideas. 🙂

  8. Haha, this really made me laugh. Kids’ logic never fails to amaze me. How cute your children are! I loved the one with your daughter giving the stick to her brother as a way of sharing. She’s going to be successful in life! 🙂

  9. Being a mother to eight children I think most of my days have at least one of those crazy kid conversations. A recent one:

    Mommy, get off Max.

    Who is Max?

    He is my shadow. You’re stepping on him!

  10. Kids absolutely say the most ridiculous things, and I love it! These made me giggle. I remember one time when my daughter was about 4, she was eating Cheerios and burst out crying out of nowhere. I asked her what was wrong and she said, very seriously, “My Cheerios in the bowl are sad. They’re missing the party in my tummy!” She was so upset, and I had everything I could do to keep from laughing!

  11. Me to her: ”Why did you paint your brother with blue nail polish?’ Her to me: ”He’s not my brother, he a Smurf.”

    Haha. She is too cute, they both are. Thanks for sharing the conversations with us, they made me chuckle.


  12. My grandmother watches my daughter a lot for me but here lately she has been kind of sick so she hasn’t been able to help much. B, who is 3, is starting to notice that granny stumbles and gets confused a lot so now when she does something wrong she blames it on Granny.

    Me to B: “Did you knock this stuff over?” B:”No, I think Granny did it. Don’t whoop her. Just tell her to behave.”

    The best two that my family loves to tell people though is the day she told me not to touch her britches (pants) and it came out “Hey! You no touch my bitches!” and the day she told me “I’ve got monies, I can have you hurt” in response to my threat to make her re-fold all the clothes she messed up. We still aren’t sure where she got that idea from but it was so funny I just had to walk out.

    1. Everyday they say something that just baffles me. Some are funnier than others and then some make me reflect on how their minds work. Thanks for stopping by!

  13. The great things that children say. Can’t wait till my son starts having conversations like this. I already have a journal started so I can write it down to look back in the future. Great article!

  14. Spectacular! I love the things my kids say. ONe of my latest favorite was when I heard my 2 year old start crying in the living room. I ran in and asked what happened and she said that here brother “had made her hurt her beautiful self in the living room.” Amazing.

  15. What sweet kids! They certainly say some funny things. My youngest is only 3 months, but her big sister is 2 1/2. She says some funny stuff sometimes. My favorite is when she talks in her sleep. Once she started reciting her favorite book, “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”

  16. Last night I had my eight year old daughter’s open house. As we were walking in she said “hi” to a boy. He blushed and said “hi” back. She then tells me he is her boyfriend… When we get to the door of the school she says “when we get inside I will introduce you to my other boyfriends. A girl has gotta keep her options open you know…”

  17. Love the cake pop one! And the Smurf! They’re all hilarious. I wish I wrote down half the funny stuff my son said. You are so right, though, nothing prepares you for motherhood. I read all the books and still have no clue what I’m doing half the time!

  18. While driving around the mountains there are often sights that are simply breathtaking and I would comment “It’s a pretty as a postcard!” One winter day, on the way to school, we turned into a beautiful winter scene and my son says “Look Mom, it’s as pretty as a credit card!”
    Write them down, the things they say are precious!

  19. Oh that is hilarious. My sweetie is 8 now and still says a few funny things but I wish I had written or recorded her words. She took a long time to talk and now she takes a long time to be quiet!

  20. Love the smurf comment. Kids are so wonderfully humorous and they are so full of great one liners. Be sure to write this down (keep your blog active) so that you can one day taunt their spouses with the funny! thanks for sharing.

  21. ha funny! We have a journal to writing down the things our kids say… love those memories! Stopping by as part of the blog-a-thon.! Emily

  22. Ohh! You made me laugh out loud!! I still have funny things my kids use to say written down!! ( Somewhere!) One of my favorites was ” Im so tired Im gonna sleep like a pig in a Rocket!” Huuuh? haha!
    You are smart to write them down..they only get funnier!

  23. Your kids are hilarious! I love it. Every day is like a treasure of funny conversations at my house. Now that I’m trying to think of one, I can’t. My 4 y.o. son did just rub my butt the other day and said “whoa, that’s big.” Yay me.

  24. Yesterday on my way home I met up with my husband, also on his way home, at an intersection nearby. Our seven year old was with me in the backseat. My husband followed us the rest of the way home. My boy waved and my husband waved back then held up his hand in a peace sign. My 7yr old said, “Mom! Why is he telling me TWO?!” Hahahah!

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