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I love supporting local artists and designers!  That is why I love Minted.  It is a wonderful online boutique of amazing artists from all over the world.  They have so many beautiful items for sale on their site from, amazing stationary, fun party supplies, unique fabrics and beautiful art pieces for every room in your house.

Now that we are set up in the new house in Dallas, Texas I need to decorate my space.  My craft room is mostly unpacked and sorta functional.  But I still don’t have any art work hung up on the walls.  I need to glamp up my space to make it reflect me and give me ambition and open up my inner creativity.  That’s why I fell in love with Minted.Com site.  

Here’s on of my favorites, this one is called “Bloom In Blue” by Deborah Velásquez.  I absolutely love this picture because of the watercolor blues in it.  I love watercolors!  They are so light, airy and dreamy.  And it’s just pretty!


Click on the picture or here to go see her work on

This piece is called “Dazzle” by Becky Kisabeth Gibbs.  And it certainly Dazzles my mind.  It remind me of growing up on the banks of the Mississippi River.  Just looking at it, I can almost feel the sun shining on my face.  I ordering this piece after I finish this post.


 Click here to find this piece.

This piece is called “I’d Rather Wear Flowers” by Aspacia Kusulas.  I am not sure why but I love this piece, I just do.  I think because maybe, she is reflecting on something and she looks happy.


Click here to see this piece.

My goal is to buy a little vintage travel trailer and explore the open roads.  This piece is my dream!  I love Anna Swanson Kamburis for creating “Modern Day Camp Out”.  It will help to stay focused on my goal and dreams even when the days are mundane and difficult.

moderndaycampout  Click here to see this piece.

I could go on and on sharing art pieces that I love on their site.  But I encourage you to go find one or ten that you connect with too.  The thing that I love about Minted is that once you Pin an image that you like.  You can create a board with your design and see what it would look like on your wall with your collections of likes.

If you are an artist or designer submit your work to Minted to see if it is accepted for a contest.  The contest prizes are pretty amazing just like the website.  Go here to check out the amazing art collection pieces that they offer.

Art is kinda like a vortex, it just draws you in.  Minted is kinda like a vortex too.  They have so many pretty things for sale.   Happy Shopping!

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