Denverista, 2013 Year In Review

Denverista 2013 Year in Review

Denverista 2013 Year in Review

Wow!  The year 2013 went by in a flash!  I learned a lot of new things in 2013 that kept me busy.  I especially learned a lot about blogging and made great connections with other bloggers that helped me grow Denverista and how to make this a better page and become a better writer.  According to Google Analytics, these were my top ten posts.  So without further ado, here is Denverista, 2013 Year In Review.

Here are the top ten posts for Denverista that I wrote in 2013.  Enjoy this trip down memory lane with me.

1.  DIY Photo Booth Backdrop and Props

DIY Photo Booth Backdrop & Props To Use for Fun Family Photos

2.  Merry Christmas Planner Free Printable

Free Merry Christmas Planner

3.  52 Week Money Challenge Free Printable

Free Printable of the 52 Week Money Challenge

4.  Spicy Dark Chocolate Recipe

Spicy Dark Chocolate Recipe

5.  Clean Your Bathroom without Fumes

Clean Your Bathroom Without The Fumes

6.  Use An Onion to Fight the Flu

Use Onions to Fight The Flu

7.  Ottoman Make Over & Pretty

Ottoman Makeover & Pretty

8.  Chocolate Pasta Recipe


9.  Birthday Freebies for Denveristas

Denverista's Freebie Birthday List

10.  Uber Magic Cleaner Recipe

Uber Magic Cleaner

As I look back and reread what I wrote earlier this past year, I can see how my writing voice has changed for the better and my graphics and photography skills are improving.  Am I where I want to be with those?  No!  I will never stop learning how to be a better blogger and writer.  I hope you enjoyed taking this walk down memory lane with me.  I grateful that you have stumbled on my blog and continued to come back and support me.  Thank You, I promise I will only get better!

Happy New Year!  I wish the best things in life for you!

See you in 2014!



4 thoughts on “Denverista, 2013 Year In Review

  1. I love vinegar and dish soap!! I just discovered it a couple of months ago and then when I seen how awesome it was I was running around the house scrubbing everything in sight. :p I haven’t heard of the hydrogen provide thing though, so I’m excited to try that as well. 🙂

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