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Disneyside Home Celebrations Party

Disneyside Home Celebrations Party ~


You ever make plans for a party and have everything set up and all planned…then have the weather throw a curve ball into your plans?  I made awesome plans for a Disneyside Home Celebration Party and it snowed every weekend.  I rescheduled the party not once but three different times.  Thanks wonky weather in Colorado.  Finally, I called “uncle” and changed my party plans.  I can always throw another party, I mean, I already have all the decorations and games planned out.

Since I was being forced to throw an indoor party, I had to think of some toddler friendly activities that didn’t involve watching a movie.  I wanted something creative and fun, something to tire the kids out so they would be sure to take their afternoon naps.  😉  The kids had a good time even with the revised plans and that is all that matters.  Now to think of a party that even Mother Nature can’t ruin and that would be fun for the kids.

I came up with three fun indoor activities that are perfect for toddlers.  My kids had a blast and actually took their naps afterwards.  I call that a WIN!  Here is how we did it, I say we, which means I couldn’t have pulled off this fun party with out the help of my husband.  He is an excellent daddy and loves participating in the fun and games.  Okay, on to the games we had for our party.

1.  Ball Toss with Mickey

Disneyside Home Celebrations Party ~

2.  Fishing with Donald in the bathtub

Disneyside Home Celebrations Party ~

3.  Pin the bow on Minnie

Disneyside Home Celebrations Party ~

Every game needs medals.  Check out the cute Mickey ears medals I made for each child.

Disneyside Home Celebrations Party ~

And I couldn’t send the kids home with out a few goodies, I used some of the items from my hostess kit and found some from various stores around Denver to add to it.

The kids had a blast and enjoyed their Disneyside Home Celebrations Party day.  I was honored and thrilled to be chosen for this party.  The kid in me, still wants to party Disneyside.  Who agrees with me?

Disclosure: I was provided with a #Disneyside Home Celebrations Party hostess kit that included many of the supplies used for the party. No monetary compensation was provided.  As always all of my opinions that I share with you are clearly mine and not influenced by any shiny items that companies send me to review.   




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