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DIY Hanging Lamp Shade


DIY Hanging Lamp Shade

I love all things Pottery Barn, but can’t afford their prices nor justify the expense right now.  Especially since, I am renting my condo here in Denver.  But I hated, hated, hated the hanging lamp in my hallway/ entry way.  I wanted to look at something pretty especially since it is pretty much a focal point in our condo.  I had to do something, but wasn’t quite sure what to do about it.

It needed upgrading 10 years ago.  Of course, I showed my husband what I liked in the BP catalog and he raised his eyebrows.   I then told him that I think I can reproduce almost the same thing for a lot cheaper.  He started breathing again and asked me how much I thought it would cost.  I quickly responded $25.  He thought about it for a minute and then accepted my challenge.

Swoon, off to Michaels I went with my 30% off of everything coupon.  I had an idea of how to make it but wasn’t really sure about the logistics of how it would work out, I kinda had a plan and I had an end vision.  Therefore, I was ready!  Or so I thought.

I thought that I would use two 18 inch embroidery hoops and use that as my base.  But as my luck with have it, they didn’t have any in stock.  And I didn’t feel like driving to another store.

Alright, it was time to get creative!  I pushed that cart around that store for 20 minutes or so, until I found something that I thought would work.  I also lucked up on finding the lining, in the embroidery section of all places.   On a side note:  Thank you to the sales associate that let me open the package to make sure that I got the right amount for my project.  It was the perfect amount and you rock!

Are you ready for the pictures?  Reader beware, there are a few.

DIY Hanging Lamp Shade





                                  Here is what I was looking at daily.  Let’s just say this view got old quick.  See why I needed to freshen it up?




 Below are the floral wreaths and rods that I used to create my base for the lamp shade.  Plus, it gave me an excuse to play with my Dewalt power drill that I got as a wedding gift.

DIY Hanging Lamp Shade

DIY Hanging Lamp Shade








I used some needlepoint fabric/ canvas.  I needed three of 18 X 24 inches to complete the design.  The picture below shows how I sewed them together to get a piece long enough to wrap the base that I created in the photos above.

DIY Hanging Lamp Shade

Next, I used my Cricut Expression 2 Machine and the Edge to Edge Cartridge to create the design for the lamp shade that I liked.  My husband actually choice the design.  But I picked the options for him to choice.   I love jewel tones, so naturally the bright blue was my only choice in color.  It took an hour for my Cricut to cut out the design on five pieces of card stock.

DIY Hanging Lamp ShadeDIY Hanging Lamp Shade









While that was cutting, I used my trusty glue gun to add the ribbons to the top and bottom of the fabric.  It is starting to come together.  I know only one ribbon is pictured but after I had it all together, I felt that it needed another strip of ribbon on each side.   And yes, that is a votive candle holder catching all of the hot glue drippings.   DIY Hanging Lamp Shade

Next, was the easy part.  And the fun part.  I used some glue dots to hold the pattern in place so I could sew the paper onto the fabric.

DIY Hanging Lamp Shade

Once the seams were matched up as tight as I could.  Time to break out the sewing machine and get to stitching.  I sewed a straight seam for on each side and two in the middle.  I didn’t want my paper to bubble up and away from the fabric.


ls10DIY Hanging Lamp Shade









Then I wrapped the fabric around the wood base that I made and hot glued it together.  I am sorry but I don’t have a picture of this step.  I have to apologize but I was on a roll and I just wanted to get it finished before the husband came home from work.  But here it is.  This is when I decided that it needed another strip of ribbon added to the top and bottom.

DIY Hanging Lamp Shade

I used some old hanging wire that I have had forever.  (Finally happy to have a use for it!).  On the floral wreath it had some already pre-drilled holes so I used those to wrap and knot the wire with.  Since I was hanging it from a chain link  I looped the wire through the chain link.  Easy and looks great!

The total cost for the DIY Hanging Lamp Shade was $24.58.  I love it and my husband loves the cost of the project.  If you make one, I would love to see pictures of your design.

Happy Crafting!

DIY Hanging Lamp Shade



20 thoughts on “DIY Hanging Lamp Shade

    1. Camille, it was super easy and cheap to make. It really changes the whole room. I am so happy with it. I think I might be obsessed at looking at it. 😉

  1. What a creative use of the Cricut machine! I love the lamp shade and how it turned out. Hobby Lobby has metal sheets cut out like this, so I thought about using that to make a make a shade like this. Thanks for sharing! (Found you through Thrifty Thursday Link Party!)

    1. Hey Karissa! Thanks for stopping by! You should grab some of those metal sheets and show me what you create with them. I look forward to seeing your creations. 🙂

  2. Your lampshade is so creative. I loved the pattern you cut out with your Cricut! I will have to look for that cartridge. Thanks for linking up to The Creative Exchange! xo, Laura

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