evian® Facial Spray Product Review and Giveaway

evian® Facial Spray Product Review and Giveaway

Disclosure:  I was sent this product in exchange for sharing my opinion of it.  My opinions were not swayed by receiving free product and you can always believe that I will share my honest opinion of anything that I review.  

Everybody knows Evian water.  But did you know that they had a facial spray?  I was sent a bottle of evian® Facial Spray Brumisateur for a product review and giveaway.  Within the week that I have been using it;  I can tell the difference.  The bottle says that it is a moisturizer, refresher and toner.  I have been spraying it on my left arm all week solely not using any other lotion nor oil.  The skin on my left arm is notably softer than the skin on my right arm.  I suffer from dry skin.  So it was nice to find a product that I didn’t have to do a lot of fussing with that did the trick as simple as spraying a fine mist on my arm.

Also,  I caught a summer cold.  Normally when I get sick, I tend to look like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer from constantly blowing my nose.  I used the facial spray several times a day on my face and it kept the red nose glow of my cold away.  I actually look normal which is awesome!  Because usually when I am sick, I have the baggy eyes, the red nose and then the peeling nose from all of the nose blowing abuse that it has suffered.  Not this time!  Plus, the mist is was awesome at keeping moisture in the air so that helps immensely while being sick.  I am loving it!  It is such a refreshing feeling.

I have only used this product for a week so far but I can think of so many other uses for it too!

  • Using one to refresh after day outings.
  • Quick cool down for overheating on humid days.
  • A quick and refreshing pick me up.
  • To set your makeup
  • Or to blend your moisturizer and foundation.
  • It helps to make your metallic eyeshadows really pop on your face.

From their site:  The exquisitely fine mist produced by evian® Brumisateur® penetrates and rehydrates the upper layers of the skin. evian® water has a unique mineral balance along with exceptional purity which suits all skin types, even the most sensitive. Leaves skin looking healthy and feeling refreshed. Dermatologically tested. The leak-proof canister is the ideal product to take on-the-go in any purse or travel bag. Unlike other water sprays, Evian Spray is sealed at the source, so it can not be contaminated.

evian® Facial Spray is being provided by the exclusive USA distributor, The Wilkes Group is giving away 20 two 5 oz Facial Sprays. Winners will be chosen at random. Click here to enter into the contest.

If you use evian® Facial Spray what ways have you used it for?  I would love to know more ideas.  For more ideas check them out here: and


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