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Friday Night Samples at King Soopers


Heads up Denveristas, looks like they are doing it again at King Soopers this friday again!  This friday, we can grab free chips at King Soopers this March 15th.  The sampling starts Friday from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm to get certain varieties of Lays and Doritos absolutely FREE.

*They might be passing out coupons too!*

2 thoughts on “Friday Night Samples at King Soopers

  1. Hi, I LOVE to shop at target esaiceplly with coupons!! I’ve saved alot of money BUT!!! the only thing I do NOT like is that lets say my total before coupons is $50 bucks, after coupons its $25. I think GREAT! but then they charge me sales tax from the $50 dollar total :/ so I end up spending alot of money on just sales tax. I wish they would charge me sales tax only from my $25 total. Shouldn’t it be that way anyway??? Do you guys have teh same problem?? thanks!

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