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Fun With Tulip Fabric Markers

Fun With Tulip Fabric Markers ~

The talented and clever Laura Kelly sent me a Mystery Box for an April Challenge.  Included in the box were some Tulip Fabric Markers, some Laura Kelly Buttons by Buttons Galore and various pieces of fabric.  Also included was a sheet of paper basically saying go nuts with it and have fun being creative.  So I did.  

This past month my daughter turned five.  She’s no longer a toddler.  When asked what she wanted for her birthday she said that she wanted a big girl room.  No more baby bed or baby stuff.  Okay, I have been wanting to do a room make over anyways.  So we got to work and created her a big girl room and I tried to keep it under $300 so a lot of DIY and crafting went into it.

At Zaria’s baby shower a good friend and his girlfriend bought Zaria this gorgeous lamp.  The lampshade, however, did not survive the move from Georgia to Colorado.  And now that we are in Texas, I figured it was time to put a shade back on that lamp for her.

I found a lampshade at a thrift store and thought it was boring and could use some sprucing up and I was excited about using the Tulip Fabric Markers to glam it up.  The markers were awesome to use and so easy to work with.


Now, I just had to listen to what the daughter wanted and make it happen.  Her instructions were easy enough.  She wanted pink stripes and hearts and pom poms.  I agree!  I love how it turned out.  It is perfect in her room.  And more importantly she loves it!

Fun With Tulip Fabric Markers ~

Fun With Tulip Fabric Markers ~








If you want to create something for yourself, buy your Tulip Fabric Markers below via the Amazon link.


But wait there’s more.  There’s a giveaway too!  Enter below to win a set of the Tulip Fabric Markers.

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  1. I love Tulip Fabric Markers and have used them to decorate pillowcases and other small projects. I’m pinning this to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest board! 🙂

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