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Glamping Must Haves for Under $25

Glamping Must Haves for Under $25 ~
Per FTC rules I have to disclose that these are affiliate links. If you purchase an item, I make a small commission. But don’t worry, it’s not like I am going to get rich and quit blogging. It is a very small commission. But I appreciate it. A Lot! Please feel free to buy one or two of everything.  Lol.

I have a new obsession!  One that my husband will actually be pleased to hear about.  Glamping!  But I should be clear that my idea of glamping is not the pretty tent kind, more the pretty cute travel trailer kind of glamping.  I want a travel trailer!  I have visions of family weekend outings where we reconnect with no electronical devices other than an iPod for music playing in the background, playing the toddler rules of board games (which the rules seem to change every game) and lastly going for nature walks and exploring new surroundings as a family.  Cross your fingers for me that my pretty fantasy doesn’t turn into an ugly nightmare.  

But in order for that to happen, here are a few items that would take our trip from a regular boring camping trip to an awesome glamping trip. Most of the items are under $25, I tried to keep it budget friendly.  Have fun browsing!

1.  You must have some trusty glamping lights for when the sun goes down.  I found this Ultra Bright LED Lantern for less than $25.  This lantern could actually be good for keeping in your car or house for bad weather or when the electricity just goes out for no particular reason.  Much safer than candles with toddlers around.  Plus, the reviews are awesome.

2.  If you plan on cooking around a campfire, you need some cute gloves to protect your hands from getting burned. These Women’s Silicone Oven Mitts / Pot Holders are cute!  Really cute!!!  I love the lime green color.

3.  I am a carb-o-holic!  I need my muffins and cakes.  Just because I am camping why should I not have those?  This is what sets the campers from the glampers apart!

4.  The other day I was scouring Pinterest for glamping tips and ideas.  This is all kind of new to me and this is one of the most important things that is needed for camping.  Especially if you aren’t close to the bathrooms at the campsite.  Build your own porta potty with this pop up tent.

5.  And fun stringed lights.  With a madrid of chooses that fit your personality.

6. This. Just. This. So many possibilities for it. Milk. Juices. Wine. Sangria.

7. Essential oils have so many attributes while glamping. The top three for glamping are Peppermint, Lavendar and Tea Tree Oils.  I found this blog that has a lot of good EO camping recipes.

8. I am not prissy but I don’t like to be hot, dirty or sweaty. It that sounds like you too. Then you need a good hydrating spritzer. Plus, it helps to cool you down when you are hot. And it is a good moisturizer too. This is one of my favorite beauty products. Plus, the little cans last forever. Unless your kids get ahold of them.

9. Since most of my days are filled online dealing with emails or my social media accounts. My phone battery takes a beating. This item is essential in my life.

10. Lastly, since most of the time spent camping is around eating. A good Glamping trip needs the cutest dinnerware to set the tone. This set has several design options to choose from. My favorite is either the Meadow or Breeze design.

I have been so engrossed in this concept of glamping that I started a Pinterest Board with over 100 Pins all devoted to camping/ glamping and various tips and tricks to make it a better vacation.  You can see it here.I hope that you found a few items that you liked too.  What are you’re must have camping/ glamping needs?  Also, do you have any bona fide camping hacks that I should know about?  Help a glamper to be girl out.

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