Green Bean Casserole Eggrolls

Green Bean Casserole Eggrolls~

This is a sponsored post of a recipe that I created using the ingredients below.  

This recipe contains two of my favorite food groups all rolled into one, eggrolls and Green Bean Casserole. Yay, who doesn’t love eating with their hands? I find it makes the food tastes better for some strange reason. As if I am connecting with my food. I know that sounds crazy and my husband laughs at me, every time I say it. But I am serious.

These Green Bean Casserole Eggroll are fun to make and serve. And who says that you can’t combine the two foods that you love? Not me. Besides, who doesn’t love eggrolls? Especially when they are filled with Green Bean Casserole.
They are the perfect party food too! If you haven’t made eggrolls before, don’t worry. They aren’t hard to make, just a little practice and you’re golden. Hmmm, yummy golden eggroll filled with Green Bean Casserole. Perfectly, heaven to me!

Green Bean Casserole Eggrolls


  • · 1 can of Campbell’s ® Cream of Mushroom Soup
  • · 2 cans of Del Monte ® Green Beans
  • · 2 cups of French’s ® Crispy Onions
  • · 1 medium onion chopped
  • · 3 tsp of butter
  • · Pinch of salt
  • · Pinch of pepper
  • · Package of Eggroll wrappers
  • · 2 cups of meat, I used Chicken
  • · 1 cup of Japanese Bread Crumbs


  1. · In a medium pan, melt the butter and add the onions along with the salt, pepper and the meat you choice.
  2. · Once the onions are soft and golden brown, add the Del Monte ® Green beans, the can of Campbell’s ® Cream of Mushroom Soup and the Japanese Bread Crumbs to the pan. Allow those flavors to marry by stirring them into each other for about 5 minutes over medium heat.
  3. · Next add the French’s ® Crispy Onions and fold them into the mixture. You can break them into smaller pieces so they don’t poke out the wrapper.
  4. How to roll the mixture into an eggroll.
  5. · Follow the instructions on the wrapping paper and in the center of the wrapper, add two tablespoons of the mixture. You don’t want to over fill it so that it doesn’t explode in the oil.
  6. Heat some canola oil in a frying pan or wok to 350 degrees.
  7. · Once the oil is at the right temperature, insert no more than two eggrolls at a time so they have time to cook evenly. Keep turning them to ensure a crispy golden color on all sides of the eggroll. Approximately 5 minutes per roll.
  8. · Once you remove them from the oil, have a plate with paper towels close by to drain off some of the oil.
  9. · Allow to cool before serving to your guests.
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Enjoy serving these tiny golden nuggets of Green Bean Casserole Eggrolls to your friends and family. This is one of those recipes that if you have toddlers, they can help with the rolling of the eggrolls. My five year old daughter is a much better roller than I am.

Green Bean Casserole Eggrolls~

Green Bean Casserole Eggrolls~
And bonus, all of these ingredients can be purchased at your local Walmart. No need to run all over town for the ingredients. One stop shop to make your life easier.

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