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Halloween Tic Tac Toe {Free Printable}

Halloween Tic Tac Toe {Free Printable} ~

I love all things Fall!  Especially Halloween!  I love seeing the kids get excited about dressing up and going trick or treating.  I also love when they come back from trick or treating with bags full of candy for mommy!  I created a Halloween Tic Tac Toe {Free Printable} for those too chilly of days to go out and play.   I made the board out of some construction paper and washi tape.  I love washi tape and I had a Halloween style of it that I couldn’t wait to use on a project.  I love how it turned out!  It was so fun to create this and play with the kids.  Even though, they don’t quite get the rules yet.

Halloween Tic Tac Toe {Free Printable} ~

Click here to Print out your own copy of the HalloweenTicTacToe game

I  designed these cute little pumpkins and spiders to use instead of the X’s and O’s.  Then I used my laminater to make the cute little guys toddler proof.

Halloween Tic Tac Toe {Free Printable} ~

Next I used my Martha Stewart cutting board and my trusty Exacto knife to cut the individual pieces out.  What would I do without my Martha Stewart board, I would be so lost!  Thanks Martha!  Love ya gal!

Halloween Tic Tac Toe {Free Printable} ~

Then I cut a regular piece of construction paper to 8.5 to 8.5 to make a perfect square playing board and then eyeballed the perfect spacing for the washi tape to make the squares.  I think I did pretty good.  But if you don’t feel comfortable eyeballing it.  If you put the washi tape at 2.75″ on each side of the paper you will get a perfect grid.

Happy Halloween!  I hope you enjoy my Halloween Tic Tac Toe {Free Printable}!

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