Believe in Yourself!

113I hope that all of you have a great Saturday!  I want each of you to think of a dream that you can accomplish.  Turn that dream into a goal.  We all have the ability to achieve our dreams.  My dream was to create a blog that people would read and enjoy.  I am working on my goal daily.  It takes work.  A lot of work and some days are easier than others.

If your dreams are to save money, lose weight, rebuild a friendship, or build a garden, I know that you can do it!  So go, do it!  Get started on your dream now!  Turn that dream into an accomplished goal.  I can’t say it will be easy but I can say it will be worth it.  Don’t give up until you succeed.  If you feel you need any help, I will virtually hold your hand and help however I can.

Fun FREEBIE Friday!

Denveistas, it is Fun Freebie Friday!  Every Friday I will post several FREE items for you to claim.  If you are worried about your personal email account getting filled up with junk or spam, I recommend that you start a new email account for offers like this.  You can get free email accounts through Google, Yahoo or Hotmail.  It is okay and perfectly legal to have more than one email account, I think my husband has five, lol.

cutex at noon EST opens hosts a daily giveaway.  Todays giveaway is FREE Cutex Nail Polish Remover Pads.


Want to earn $5 for five minutes of work?  It is a gift that will keep on giving.  This is the last day to sign up for the $5.00 referral.  Sign up here  Get started now and save money for shopping!


Like Aveda Hair Care products?  Wanna try some for FREE?  Aveda is giving away a coupon that you print out and redem in their stores for Aveda Invati Sample Duo.  That’s right, two products from Aveda for FREE!  Woot!  And while you are on their website, be sure to sign up for their birthday club.


Get a FREE Molten  Chocolate Lava Cake from Arbys with the purchase of a Turkey Roaster Combo.   Who doesn’t love FREE chocolate cake?


If you use any Proctor & Gamble products, you will definetly want to signup for this FREE sample and coupon giveaway.  They offer these samples and coupons every three months.



Ever wanted to try Redwood Hill Farm Yogurt for FREE?  Fill out the Contact Form and enter ATTUNE in the promo code and they will mail you coupons to try it out for FREE!


FREE Sample of Prilosec OTC Heartburn Medicine.  Always a good idea to have one in your purse for whenever the need arises.


Head over to Facebook and we have goob of goodies to get for FREE!argan

FREE sample of HSI Argan Oil, like HSI Professional on Facebook to request your FREE product sample.      (Appartently, this FREE sample went really fast, but they promise on Monday to have another FREE item for you.)          !/pages/HSIProfessional/477083745670101


Get a FREE Black Tea Sample from Lipton for liking them on Facebook.!/LiptonUS/app_194975693850063

replensGet a FREE sample of Replens by liking their Facebook site.                                                           !/replens/app_195646697137509


Claim one of three samples that Poise Products has to offer.                             


Well, that is it for today Fun Freebie Friday, but I am sure I will be adding to the list all day long.  So check back for updates!  I truly hope that you can benefit and will enjoy these samples or maybe you can order them for someone that you know.


How to stack coupons for maxium savings!

  I was able to get ALL of this tonight for the unbelievable price of .15 cents. Original cost was $46.10, I love matching manufacturer coupons with Target coupons.  Woot!  score

Stacking coupons is easy if you know what you are doing.  It takes some practice and patience but it is totally worth attempting.  Now, not every time you shop will you achieve this type of savings, but you will stretch your $’s mile high and that is the goal.

Here is how I was able to achieve my score…

Target is always giving away promo cards for buying multiples of products.  I had a $20 gift promo card from previous purchases.  They also had another promo on a $5.00 gift card if you bought 10 items on Barillia, Ragu, El Paso, and Hormel.  I had coupons to match those items anyway.  So basically I was able to get them all for free.   The pasta was $1.19 a box, I had a $1.00 off coupon for 2.  I had three coupons, so that made my pasta, $3.57 for 6 boxes.  (Remember, it was part of the $5.oo promo).

Next I had a Target coupon to match with a manufacturer coupon for the chili.  The chili was $1.02 a can, Target has a .55/2 coupon, that I stacked with a manufacturer coupon for $1/2.  That means my two cans of chili cost me $1.06 or .53  each.   Basically free! (Remember, it was part of the $5.oo promo).

To fulfil the 10 for $5 promo, I grabbed some Ragu for all the pasta I had purchased.  It was the only thing in this transaction that I paid full price for.  I should have brought all of my coupons with me.  Darn it!  The pasta was at full price at $1.59, so two for $3.18.

My total on this transaction was $9.25, but I made $5.00.  I used a $20 promo card from previous purchases to pay for this transaction.  I applied the $5.00 gift card to my next transaction.

My next transaction is really where all the magic happened.  Everything I bought was on sale and I had coupons for each item and was able to stack some Target coupons as well.

Finish Dishwasher Tablets were $5.99/box.  I had two coupons for $2.15 off each, I bought two boxes. Final cost per box $3.84.

Lloyds BBQ was $1.79, there was a peelie attached for .55 cents off,  plus I stacked that with a $1.00 Target coupon.  It made that cost .24 cents

  Kashi Berry Cereal was on sale for $2.00 a box.  I had a coupon for $1.00 off per box, plus a Target coupon for .75 off.  Final cost for my cereal was .25.

Birds Eye Viola Lo Mein Dinners were on sale for 2 for $7.  I had coupons for $1.75 off per dinner.  So I was able to snag two bags for $3.00.

I bought two Vaseline Hand Lotions.  They were $1.87 each, but I had two Target coupons for $1.00 each.  Final costs for two hand lotions was $1.74.

Then the final item that I purchased was completely free and a money maker.  Reach Dental Floss sells for .97 cents, I had a $1.00 coupon.

This all rang up to $16.78, minus my $5.oo promo card from the first transaction, then $10.75 on my other promo card.  I ran my debit card for .15.  I call that a victory!

It is really easy to receive the Target Promo Cards, every week there are dozens of ways to score them buy purchasing things that you already use and buy.  My advice is to check the circular and match your coupons and the Target coupon site to maximize your savings.

Good Luck!  Share with us how you do with your savings!

Use Technology to Take debt Thursday

You have debt and bills, woo hoo! We all do! You read those stories about how people had $87,000 in debt, that they paid off in 3 years.  That’s great!  But the story reads that they gave up everything and worked 3 jobs to pay it off.  That is a lot of determination. And a lot of nothing but work for three years.

I am not in that much debt, not even close to it.  Actually, I have no debt just the regular bills of living.  I pay cash for everything that I buy.  If I see something that I want to buy, I save for it.  Often, I save and save for it.  No splurge shopping for me.  I call it my 1940’s approach to spending money.   It is really simple.  Cash only always and therefore, I cannot create debt.  If I can’t afford it, it doesn’t get purchased.  But if I was in severe debt, the last “luxury” that I would give up is my smart phone and its data plan.

There are so many applications for Android or Apple phones that are free to download that can help you tackle your debt.  Every Thursday, I will highlight an app or a program that will be beneficial to use.  Some of the apps, you will be able to earn gift cards that can assist you in day to day living costs.  And the others will pay you cash for doing a little “spy” work.  I was able to pay for Christmas with gift cards that I earned through technology.  Even if you don’t have a smart phone, your computer can be your saving grace, lol.

And of course, not all of the apps will work out for you or your schedule.  I have tried many and not liked half of them.  (Hey, it happens!)  I just had to pick a few apps that work out more to me and my needs.  I will give you plenty of options to see which apps fit your lifestyle best.  The best thing about technology is there is always something newer and better around the corner coming out.

So for out first week installment of Thursdays Technology to Tackle Debt, I am going to introduce you to Ibotta.  Ibotta, is an easy application to download to your Android or Apple phone, that you can stack with your manufacturers coupons.  You won’t receive credit off during your transaction, but later.  When you get home, simply follow the directions on how to use the coupon, usually its watching a very short video, answering a question and sharing it on Facebook, doing those easy things can earn you up to $1.00 off of an item.  Upload a picture of the receipt and then presto, done.  Once you complete the offer, your money will be credited to your pay pal account.  Sign up under my account and you will receive $5.00 once you submit your first transaction.  Sign up here  The $5.00 sign up offer expires 01-11-2013, so don’t delay!


Doritos, the new house decor.

How was your afternoon?  A big bag of Doritos exploded in my house today.  This Denverista can’t even attempt to tackle the never ending of piles of laundry without fear of toddler hijinks.  My adorable duo managed to grab a new unopened bag of Doritos and decorated themselves and the living room with the chips.  My kids look like Oompa-Loompas.  They each have orange sticky little faces and fingers.  Sigh! Hope your afternoon is going smoother than mine.  : )

Wonderful Ways to Win Wednesday

Welcome and Good Luck to all of my Denveristas that enter the top ten sweepstakes that I found on the web for you this week.   There are a lot of great prizes out there just waiting for you to win!   You can’t win if you don’t enter!  If you do win, share it with us.  We would love to celebrate your victory with you.

If you are concerned about receiving a lot of spam, you can create a new email account that you use for sweepstakes and other things.  That way your personal email account won’t get filled up with spam.  I have even heard of people creating a fake Facebook page.  We all know that there is a lot of scams out there, so remember the rule, “If it looks too good too be true, it probably is.”

1.  World Market, Host the ultimate Football watching Party!  Enter to win $500 in World Market Gift Cards.  You can enter daily until the contest is over.

2.  Broncos AFC Division playoff tickets for 2 fans and an autographed football, presented by Discount Tire and The Denver Post. Go Broncos!

3.  Gorton’s ‘Get Fit with the Fishermen’ Sweepstakes.  Enter daily to increase your chances of winning.

4.  Ziploc FreshForward Contest.  One winner will fly to New York to meet Rachael Ray at the Food Network studios. Don’t forget to come back each day for additional entries.

5. The Container Store on Facebook is having a contest for one lucky person to win a $2500 Head over Heels Closet Makeover.!/containerstore/app_194975693850063

6.  Win a Fiat!  Pick your favorite play for your chance to upgrade your Game Day party and your driveway!  Watch a video and choose your favorite.  Play everyday to increase your winnings!!/fiatusa/app_508305145867631

7.  Jimmy Dean 30 Day Breakfast Challenge.  Make your pledge and enter for a chance to win a $250 WalMart gift card.  Go back every day for more chances to win.

8.  Dole Salad on Facebook is hosting a You Could WIN a $25,000 Customized
Health and Wellness Prize Package!  When you enter you automatically can download a Eating Well Cookbook.
9.  Martha Stewart, weekly is giving away three $100 gift cards to JCP and five copies of the “Martha Stewart’s Cooking School” cookbook signed by Martha herself. Enter once per week, and with each weekly entry you’ll also be entered to win the Grand Prize: a $2,000 gift card to JCP.
10. is giving another IPad away!  And two mini IPads for runner ups.
Good Luck Denveristas!  I can’t wait to see or hear who won what.



Tuesday Night In Thornton

Howdy Denveristas, how was your night?  Mine was awesome!  We went to dinner at Chik-Fil-A for kids night, the kids got to play and play and play some more.  Afterwards, we ran into Target to spend some of the kids christams money and was able to purchase everything plus more for free!  Not exactly free, I had some of the red promo gift cards to pay for the overages.  But I didn’t spend any money out of my pocket.  Yay!  I love shopping for FREE!

Thrifty Tips to Try Out Tuesday! Uber Magic Cleaner Recipe

Uber Magic Cleaner

Afternoon Denveristas! Are you ready for Thrifty Tips to Try Out Tuesday? Here is my recipe for My Uber Magic Cleaner Spray.  As I have said before, I use vinegar to clean everything. The smell doesn’t bother me and I like knowing that I am not polluting my house with a bunch of chemicals that I can not pronounce.

My Uber Magic Cleaner Spray works on everything that my kids throw at me, lol, spots on the carpet, my kitchen, my bathroom, toys, and all those Colorado dustbunnies that appear every few days. I have even used it in my car.
Vinegar is a good de-icer for those chilly mornings. When you try it, you can use it for so many things around the inside and outside your house. Plus, it doesn’t cost that much to make. I think the final costs ranges around $0.75 to $1.25, depends on how much a gallon of vinegar costs at your store.

Uber Magic Spray Recipe (There are no specific measurements, here, just eyeball it!)
Take an empty squirt bottle
Fill it 3/4 with vinegar
Then add a hefty squirt of liquid dish soap, I use blue Dawn
If you have any, you can add some essential oils to help mask the vinegar smell.
Shake to mix
That is it! Easy peasy! Let me know if you tried and what you think! I hope you like it!



Hunk of the week...Uber Magic Cleaner Spray



Congrats!  You found the hunk!  🙂  Go claim your prize!

{Seek the hunk!}