Thrifty Tips To Try Out Tuesday

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Tomorrow, is “Thrifty Tips to Try Out”.  Do you have any tips handed down to you by your grandmother?  Mine used baking soda for everything.  And, I mean EVERYTHING!  I am guilty for over using vinegar.  My husband hates the smell, so I add some DoTerra essential oils to make the vinegar smell a little better. I use it to clean everything in my house.

I have two little babies under two in my house, so I don’t want to clean with a lot of chemicals.  My house is almost 100% chemical free.  I still have to buy my cascade dishwashing detergent.  And bubble bath, we go through a lot of bubble bath in this house.  Anybody have any thrifty tips on how to make homemade bubble bath?  That tip would be greatly appreciated.

Tada! Here is my project for todays Making It Great!

I had this project in mind for today as my craft.  It is so pretty, but blue is not very Christmasy to me, so I had to change it up with what I had available.f123Pretty right?  While working on this I learned a couple of things.    First, bright red paint from Michaels looks more like a dark pink. Secondly, my bow making skills, suck. I really need to work on that.  Nobody likes ugly bows, lol.  Tada…now here is how mine turned out.


I’m questioning myself, keep trying on improving my bow making skills or give up now.  I’m pushing for the later, lol.

How is your Making It Great project looking?

Making It Great Monday!

Let Pinterest be your inspiration!  I propose that we turn Monday into Making It Great!  I have so many crafts and recipes that I want to try out and do, are you the same way?  I didn’t get time this past Christmas to do anything creative for the house decor or gifts. Nor, did I get to try out any of the delish looking recipes that I keep ‘pinning’ on Pinterest.  Hence, the reason to Make It Great on Mondays.  Because “Complete A Pin Mondays” doesn’t really flow off your tongue that well.  : )  Even if you only have 20 minutes in your day, you can do a alot with that time.  Have you ever wanted to try card making, learn to knit, or beer making, whatever it is, create it!  I know you can Make It Great!

Share your Make It Great creation with us, so that we can Oh and Ahh!  I’ll post my picture later of my very late or very early new Christmas project.

Good Morning Denveristas!

Happy Saturday!  It is a gorgeous and sunny day in Denver today.  What are you plans for this incredible day?  Today is the first of our weekly series, Saturdays are deemed “Satisfy Your Soul” day.  Enjoy the picture!perfectday