SavingStar, the new way to coupon.


SavingStar is the new clip less, paperless way to coupon. They add new coupons weekly to their site.   I have a link on the right side of the page that you can instantly set your account up though.   You will never have to worry about forgetting your coupons at home again.   It is super easy to set and start using to save money from buying products that you already use.

How it works in 4easy steps.

1.  Sign up in the link on the right side of your screen and set up an account.

2.  Tap, Select the eCoupons that you like and they link them to your store loyalty cards.

3.  Shop, Use your loyalty card like always at the checkout!  (you must do this in order to receive credit for your purchases).

4.  Save, Your money will automatically added to your SavingStar account.  Some stores will take longer to credit your account, just be patient. I hear that their customer service is really helpful.

Go to the right side of your screen and sign up and create your account today!

You can combine your manufacturers coupons with your ecoupons to get even more savings!

(It is an affiliate link, so that means that I make a little money by you signing up through it.  If you use it, you help support this site and gain my appreciation, Thank You!)

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