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My What Score?

my what score?  Klout score

My What score?  My Klout score?  Starting and growing a blog has opened my eyes to many new things.  I am enjoying learning about new things.  But there are times that I question the things that I learn.  I know that everything is all about social media nowadays and that doesn’t seem to be going away!  Get used to it!  I am learning to take advantage of it and use it to benefit my life and my blog.

Everybody it seems has at least three forms of social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In.  To say the least; we are a connected world.  By being connected in social media, you are raising your Klout score.  The more friends and followers you have, the higher your score is.  Sadly, most people are unaware of what Klout is.  I, myself, was dumbfounded by it.  So, I did my research to find out more about this whole Klout thing.

The Klout scoring system is based on 1 – 100.  Most people are in the mid 30’s or low 40’s.  How it works, it tracks what you say when you tweet or post about something.  (Hello big brother).  It an avenue for the word of mouth advertising via social media form.  It calculates a score of how influential you are as a person for brands, foods, and companies.

Companies and other businesses are spending less money each year on advertising and relying more on the benefits of social media campaigns from the little guy or gal.  Your Klout score is determined by the number of friends that you have on Facebook and how much you interact with your friends and post things.  Twitter, with all of its hash tags it another way that they track how influential you are in your group.  The more that you talk about an item or experience through social media, the more people will be swayed by your opinion.

The higher your score is, the more perks you get from it.  They want people that are well spoken and have a voice about items, in hopes that you review their product and push people in your group to try the business or product.  We all know that companies can spend tons of money on advertising, but the opinion of a person is really what sells the product in the long run.   With that all said and done, your Klout score makes you eligible to try products for free.  One guy was allowed to test drive an Audi all weekend for free.  How many tweets and posts do you think he wrote about?  Another person, who is a food blogger was invited to spend a weekend at a winery to wine and dine in exchange for some free publicity for the winery.   One gentleman, went to a job interview for a tech company and didn’t know what his Klout score was or what Klout is, he didn’t land the job.

Do I think that everybody needs to know about Klout?  No and yes!  If you want to influence people because you have an underlying reason to get something for yourself, then no!  Yes, if you are applying for a job at a tech company and want to be honest with people about a product that you did or did not like.  By the way my score is 47.  Woo-hoo!

Sign up here to set up your Klout account and see where you stand in the virtual world of social media.

1 thought on “My What Score?

  1. Klout is amazing if you have a good score you instantly have massive pull with lots of brands. I have a score of 70 currently and I am like eye candy to companies. Also if you have a high score, you go on vacation, some hotels actually google you and you having a high Klout could = upgrades for FREE which I hear happens alot in Vegas and NYC

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