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Skinny Cow Iced Coffee Giveaway

Skinny Cow Iced Coffee Giveaway

I was asked if I had an interest in hosting a Skinny Cow Iced Coffee Tasting Party.  You know me, I can’t say no to coffee.  Ever!  Of course, I had to say “yes!!!!”  They had me at coffee.  And after trying out the new line of Skinny Cow, I was excited for this opportunity.    Iced coffee, well, it’s the best thing in the world after chocolate.

After trying out the three different flavors of iced coffee that they have.  I went into major tasting party mode.   I was uber excited to share them with my friends at our SuperBowl Party.  Yes, I had a coffee bar set up at my SuperBowl party.  Hey, you have to offer your guests some delicious non-alcoholic beverages at a party too.  They were a huge hit with the guys and girls.  Everybody, and I mean everybody tried them out and enjoyed the flavors.

Skinny Cow Iced Coffees come in three irresistible flavors.  And all of them taste great!  You have permission to indulge.

1.  Skinny Cow Vanilla Latte

2.   Skinny Cow Creamy Cappuccino (MY FAVORITE!!!)

3.  Skinny Cow Mocha Latte

Go and get the full scoop of delicious Skinny Cow, click here to visit their website.

You can pick up Skinny Cow at the Kroger family of stores.

Skinny Cow Iced Coffee Giveaway


Wait, there’s more….

One lucky winner will win their own Skinny Cow Tasting Party Pack.  To enter, leave a comment below with which Creamy and delicious flavor that you want to try.  The winner will notified by email on February 10, 2014.

*** Good Luck all and Enjoy.  ***

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