Who doesn’t love a good surprise?  I do!

One of my brides maids is in town for business and we made plans to meet up.  I was so happy to have her here in the same state as me, as we had lots to catch up on.  Since she was here in town, I had to respect her work time and work around her schedule.  Yay!  I am just over joyed that she is here.  I  have missed her and my kids miss her. We both cried the day that I moved from Georgia to Colorado.

Let me move on to the point before I get sappy all over again.  Sniff.  Sniff.  Back to the surprise story….

The first day she is in town, she tells me that she can’t meet up because she had a ton of work to get done.  Okay, I get it, she is in town for business.  But dang it, I wanted to hang out with her.  My husband and I decided to have a family date night.  While we were out and about, I missed four texts from her.  Once I saw that I had, I called her back asap.  She tells me she is on her way over and we are going out for a drink.  Okay with me. Drinks, I’m game!

As soon as she showed up at my house, she was rushing me out the door.  It was very odd behavior of her behalf, she is normally very laid back and chill. But I just chalked it up as she needed a drink, bad! We pull up to the restaurant and she tells me she is going to put her coat in the trunk (SUV).  I am like okay whatever, just hurry!  Then it dawns on me…

She wasn’t standing there alone anymore.  My other brides maid was standing there next to her.  She had flown into town to surprise me!  I was floored, I had to do a double and a triple take to realize that she was standing there.  She had been hiding in the cargo space of the rented SUV, which explains why my friend was rushing me out of the house.  I was so stunned and surprised!  After all of the squeals and laughter and hugs, we had a blast that night.

I love a good surprise!  And I am grateful to have such good friends.  I am a very lucky girl to have such great friends!  To my girls, Thank You!  I love you two more than you will ever know.  Thank you for being my friends and riding through the lows and highs of my life.  You girls are awesome!




3 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. Wow, isnt that amazing. Surprises are beautiful and you received an amazing gift. I bet you all had a blast. Your post made my eyes water. Friends are indeed indispensable. Let hope for more wonderful surprises in the near future.

  2. Nice post. friends are great- especially when they have a sense of humor and adventure!

    I would never have found you without SITS girls site. I expect we’re going to enjoy what its got to offer! Again, I enjoyed your story!

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