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Thrifty Tip to Try Out Tuesday



Birthdays!  Celebrations!  Get Well!  Happy Anniversary!

Greeting cards, how many times a month are you making a special stop, usually last minute, to pick up a card for an event?

My thrifty tip to try out this week is something that will save you not only time but money.  When you wait to the last minute to do something, do you know that you usually over spend more then you normally would?  Over spending can cause stress.  I don’t want you to be stressed!  When you are stressed you can’t concentrate.  I want you to concentrate on Stretching Your $s Mile High!  It is the right thing to do, lol.

Birthdays, everybody has one. Even me!

I buy most of my greeting cards at once, usually at the first of the year.  Before you head out the door just yet, check your calendar/ day planner to see how many cards you need for birthdays, a few congrats cards and throw in a few extra cards just to cover all of your bases.  Once you establish your card needs, head over to the Dollar Tree. They have a pretty good selection of cards for all occasions.  They sell the cards for 2 for a $1.00.  Great price!  Stock up price!

Then because it never fails, somebody in your circle is going to have a birthday!  Good news, you are covered!  Just head to the card stash you acquired at such a good deal, sign your name.  Then get ready for the party!  And tell them I said “Happy Birthday!”

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