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Thrifty Tips to Try Out Tuesday! Uber Magic Cleaner Recipe

Uber Magic Cleaner

Afternoon Denveristas! Are you ready for Thrifty Tips to Try Out Tuesday? Here is my recipe for My Uber Magic Cleaner Spray.  As I have said before, I use vinegar to clean everything. The smell doesn’t bother me and I like knowing that I am not polluting my house with a bunch of chemicals that I can not pronounce.

My Uber Magic Cleaner Spray works on everything that my kids throw at me, lol, spots on the carpet, my kitchen, my bathroom, toys, and all those Colorado dustbunnies that appear every few days. I have even used it in my car.
Vinegar is a good de-icer for those chilly mornings. When you try it, you can use it for so many things around the inside and outside your house. Plus, it doesn’t cost that much to make. I think the final costs ranges around $0.75 to $1.25, depends on how much a gallon of vinegar costs at your store.

Uber Magic Spray Recipe (There are no specific measurements, here, just eyeball it!)
Take an empty squirt bottle
Fill it 3/4 with vinegar
Then add a hefty squirt of liquid dish soap, I use blue Dawn
If you have any, you can add some essential oils to help mask the vinegar smell.
Shake to mix
That is it! Easy peasy! Let me know if you tried and what you think! I hope you like it!



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