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Thrifty Tips To Try Out Tuesday

Thrifty Tips to Try Out Tuesday at
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Tomorrow, is “Thrifty Tips to Try Out”.  Do you have any tips handed down to you by your grandmother?  Mine used baking soda for everything.  And, I mean EVERYTHING!  I am guilty for over using vinegar.  My husband hates the smell, so I add some DoTerra essential oils to make the vinegar smell a little better. I use it to clean everything in my house.

I have two little babies under two in my house, so I don’t want to clean with a lot of chemicals.  My house is almost 100% chemical free.  I still have to buy my cascade dishwashing detergent.  And bubble bath, we go through a lot of bubble bath in this house.  Anybody have any thrifty tips on how to make homemade bubble bath?  That tip would be greatly appreciated.

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