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This post is sponsored by Sverve and Amp.  All of these thoughts are mine and sound like me only because they are my opinion and something that I feel like sharing with my readers.  I was not paid to deceive my readers but only to help them make informed decisions regarding any purchase.  Honesty equals respect.  

Living with a Gluten Free diet is not an easy one.  Every meal has to be either cooked at home or take a chance of eating out and getting sick from cross contamination in the restaurant. Udi’s Food is making it easier for us with precooked Gluten Free meals.  Udi’s for dinner.  Their gluten free frozen chicken and cheddar burritos are kinda my go to thing when I don’t really feel like cooking.   But since you can’t just serve the kids a burrito and call it a day, I make a  guacamole sauce to top it with that is really good and good for you.


I am lucky that Walmart is now offering a ton of Gluten Free foods for less in their stores.  Makes it easy to stay on budget with a crazy curve ball thrown into our lives.  I am a huge fan of all of Udi’s Gluten Free line of foods.  My favorite is the Raisin Bread.  It tastes like raisin bread should taste!   Because we all know that not all Gluten Free foods are not created equally and Udi’s hits the mark every time.


If you would like to learn more about Celiac Disease, click here for more information.

To learn more about how your local Walmart is helping you save money on Gluten Free products, click here for more information.

Stay tuned as I share some Gluten Free recipes with you next week.  You can also text GFWALMART to 44844 for even more recipes.

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