Culinary Delights


I am the type of person that shops for presents for birthdays and holidays all year. It has always worked out for me. In fact, I have half of my families birthday presents already stored and stashed for their big days.
Let me start by saying, I was prepared for the gift giving part of the season; but, not much else for the holidays. It took me weeks to finally decorate the Christmas tree. And then when I did, I only gave it ten minutes and then had to stop and devote my time to working on something more urgent. Yikes! The rest of the decorations didn’t get hung up or displayed, they stayed in the boxes. It was a display of the bare basics at my home this year for Christmas.
Now that Christmas has passed, I plan to devote at least one day a month to work on my Pinterest crafts. I would love to devote one day a week to it, but my schedule laughs at that thought. It is what it is…
My goal is too devote one day a month, we shall see how long that lasts. Wish me luck, you know I am going to need it. : )
If you want to see what crafts I am working on, you can find me on Pinterest, under Denveristas.

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