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Wish List {Free Printable}

Wish List {Free Printable} ~

Ya know Christmas isn’t that far away.  If your family is anything like mine, they drop hints of wanted gifts all year long.  In fact, my daughter is telling me something new that she wants daily.  {Gotta love how commercials make toddlers crazy!}  I created a Wish List {Free Printable} so that you can keep track of of the wants and requests and make you the best gift giver ever. It is for a perfect and cute list to keep inside your planner or home binder.

Also, you just never know when talking to a family member they drop a hint of something that would make an awesome gift idea or a bottle of wine that would make an excellent birthday gift or holiday present.  I have one printed for each of my kids since they tend to get and have more toy requests.  And another one for all of the family members.  I add the persons name initial in the first box and then write in what the item is and where I can buy it and the price of it.  By including the item price, I can wait for it to go on sale or find a lower price.  *Bonus*  Make sure to print one out for your own wishes.  You never know who will look at.  😉

Print here to get your copy of Wish List {Free Printable}

Click here to check out the Cute Weekly Pages that I designed for your planner or home binder.

Happy Planning & Staying Organized! 


1 thought on “Wish List {Free Printable}

  1. This list would be great for me! I always come up with great ideas for my boys during the year and then when I am actually out and about Christmas shopping I forget what I wanted.
    Thanks for linking this up in the Bloggers Brags Linky Party at Surviving Toddlerhood! I hope you can come join us again this week!

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