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Wow! Free is for me!


Ever wanted to try Luna Bars?  This week over at King Soopers, Luna Bars are part of the mega-sale.  They are 10/$10.  The best part of the mega-sale is that you really don’t have to buy 10 to get the special price.  You can buy as many as you want.  Today I was able to buy two for FREE!  Do you wanna score the same deal that I did?  If so, go here and print two coupons and then head over to your local King Soopers.  It is that easy!  Enjoy!!!

1 thought on “Wow! Free is for me!

  1. Because we are over fifty, we no longer buy the luuiexrs of people who are in their twenties. However, we do prioritize our spending to what we think is important for our age group. Things like fresh produce more so than process food, weekend trips, travel to at least one place per year in the USA that has never been visited, and eat out at least once every two weeks.

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